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Techedge Group boosts digital innovation in the Open-es project by Eni, BCG, and Google Cloud




Techedge Group boosts digital innovation in the Open-es project by Eni, BCG, and Google Cloud

Techedge | Feb 15, 2021

As part of Eni’s most recent project, which was launched to promote and facilitate the sustainable energy transformation of Italian industry, the creation of Open-es, a digital platform that is a result of a combined effort by Eni, Boston Consulting Group and Google Cloud, was announced on December 16th 2020.

Open-es was created as a digital hub for players in the energy sector and industrial supply chains, from large multinational groups to small start-ups, to share their experience and expertise in terms of energy sustainability, best practices, and data from their ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) reports in order to set new standards and find good approaches to serve as a model for companies that want to efficiently manage their sustainability in terms of energy and beyond, for example, being able to identify what they lack when compared to top performers.

Techedge Group is fully on-board with the project’s founding principles, especially that of openness, the core principle of Open-es, where sustainability results are the product of cooperation between the ecosystems that make up modern economic scenarios.

Following this vision, Techedge Group is proud to be identified as a contributor to this key project, thanks to its multi-disciplinary role in complementing the promoters’ skills and in helping make this digital platform a reality.


Thanks to beNIMBL, brand of the group focused on digital advisory, we are improving decision-making when it comes to platform design and functionality, usability and user experience, using our own methodology inspired by design thinking, which puts people and their needs at the center of tech decisions.

Techedge Group is further boosting the project’s success through ESGeo, one of our startups, which is focused on the digital governance of ESG information and processes. ESGeo was founded in 2019 to respond to the growing market demand for structured solutions for ESG data management, acquisition, and complete tracing, which need to respond to transparency and quality requirements set by certifiers and regulatory bodies.  

Techedge, a Google Cloud partner, is making Open-es a reality by using the Mountain View platform to its maximum potential. With a wealth of experience of Google Cloud projects in a range of industries and business processes, Techedge implements platforms by applying its own efficient methods to develop cloud-native solutions.

Techedge Group believes in and wants to contribute to an economic model where technology represents the main driver for change that puts humans at the center, a model where digital innovation is a mean to achieve wellbeing and the sustainable development of society, understood as a collection of ecosystems comprised of businesses, entities, and interconnected processes that share knowledge and responsibilities.