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Techedge Group Appoints Vincenzo Giannelli as Corporate General Manager


Techedge Group Appoints Vincenzo Giannelli as Corporate General Manager

Techedge | Jan 15, 2020

Milan, Italy - January 13th -- Techedge Group (MTA: EDGE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Vincenzo Giannelli as Corporate General Manager.

Following his strong experience in global leadership roles in successful multinational companies, Vincenzo will be responsible for the Group's operation support processes, with the aim of making them more efficient, flexible and scalable, in line with the company's international growth objectives. He will also contribute to the reinforcement of the Techedge strategic advisory structure.Efficiency and scalability are the key words of the Techedge strategy, which continues to be hyper-focused on the aim of supporting the digital evolution for its clients, in both strategic advisory terms, and as a creator and facilitator of innovative business models on digital platforms.

"We believe that Vincenzo's extensive experience in multinational groups that represent the natural target for Techedge's ambitions for growth," commented Domenico Restuccia, Techedge CEO, "will be an accelerating factor in its strategic evolution."

"Techedge is a leading player in the world of digital innovation, which has understood how to combine its cultural roots with the dynamism necessary for growth on the global market," Vincenzo Giannelli has stated, "and this is for me a new and interesting professional and business challenge."

Vincenzo Giannelli, following a commitment made by the shareholder Jupiter Tech, will also be included in a list of candidates for appointment to the board of directors at its next meeting.



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