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Techedge Group's 2020 Sustainability Report




Techedge Group's 2020 Sustainability Report

Techedge | May 19, 2021

Techedge Group is proud to present the 2020 Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (NFS). With a completely refreshed look, enriched contents and a clear structure, this third report reflects the Group's desire to communicate sustainability issues to all its stakeholders in an increasingly transparent and structured manner.

We published our first Non-Financial Statement in 2018; since then, we have always been working to improve our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impacts and how we report them. 

Our commitment can be seen in the evolution of the NFS itself from 2018 to date. Over three years, we have gradually extended the reporting scope to include all the Group’s main operating offices in this NFS. We have also established a more structured data collection and consolidation process, moving from manual management based on Excel files to a process entirely conducted on ESGeo, proprietary certified software for the GRI standards that allows the collection, management and consolidation of non-financial data in a traceable and transparent manner. Lastly, we have updated the materiality matrix to provide a snapshot of the priority material issues for our organization in a clearer and more current manner.

We believe financial performances are not enough to define who we are and, most importantly, who we aim to be. Financials are with no doubt a key indicator of our health, growth and ability to keep walking towards our objectives (and we are proud of the great results achieved in a complex year as 2020) - but it’s how we choose to behave with respect to people, society and environment that builds our stronger, inner identity.

For this reason we're even more proud to present this 2020 Sustainability Report, reflecting our commitment to report on the social and environmental impacts of our actions, respect for human rights and our policies in these areas, and on diversity and inclusion.


To access the report, click here or on the banner below. The report is available also in Italian here.

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