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Techedge for Kiva: Our Mission to Empower Social Entrepreneurs




Techedge for Kiva: Our Mission to Empower Social Entrepreneurs

Techedge | Dec 20, 2018

Over the past decade, social entrepreneurship has struck the chords of people from all over the world. It’s aim? Instead of creating business to maximize profitability, social entrepreneurs create business models that intend to yield social and charitable benefits.

Empowering Social Entrepreneurs with Kiva

Techedge is proud to share that we have selected Kiva as a platform to support social entrepreneurs in emerging markets, who often do not have access to banks or capital, through long-term loans. Our loans aim to support these entrepreneurs in creating successful businesses in their local communities, in turn allowing them to build a sustainable future for themselves and their families.

Techedge employees have handpicked 16 different entrepreneurs from 12 different countries to distribute loans to, with over 60% of the entrepreneurial endeavors being led by women

The entrepreneurs that we are supporting have business endeavors that are representative of our companies core values, including: 

  • Education: The fuel to our engines - We have selected entrepreneurs who are working to make access to education available to their communities.
  • Health: A result of a good work/life balance - We've selected entrepreneurs who are working to provide their communities access to medical services.
  • Environment: A sustainable livelihood relies on a sustainable environment - We've selected entrepreneurs whose projects aim to reduce pollution
  • Teamwork: To succeed, it takes a village - We've selected entrepreneurial groups focused in agricultural and livestock development to feed their communities.

Techedge for Kiva: Make a Loan that Changes Lives



To learn more about  how you can help a social entrepreneur create a successful business through long term lending, visit kiva.org and join our lending team!