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Techedge and Libelium launch new Smart Factory solution







Industry 4.0

Techedge and Libelium launch new Smart Factory solution

Techedge | Nov 25, 2016

Together with Libelium, we are proud to announce the launch of a new vertical solution for Industrial internet of things (IIoT) - The Techedge Smart Factory Solution Kit.

The Techedge and Libelium relationship will help enable the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 for industrial customers trying to simplify the adoption of IoT solutions.

Bringing the Industrial Internet of Things to life on SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP)

The new Smart Factory solution, certified by SAP, is an out of the box IIoT solution that enables the monitoring of environmental parameters that affect productivity such as: temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, pollution levels and noise; which at the same time, affect the safety and health of workers.

By effectively collecting this data, companies can reduce risk in the factory thanks to the devices ability to detect, predict and stabilize anomalies such as gas leaks, excessive temperatures or other. Thanks to the calibration of the main sensors (noise, gases...), various KPI's can be measured with utmost accuracy, guaranteeing the manufacturer's compliance to industry regulations.

The Smart Factory solution kit is just the beginning of Techedge and Libelium vertical solutions for the smart manufacturer. Fully integrated with SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CP), the solution is also capable of integrating with additional SAP applications - opening several possibilities into it's potential uses in the vertical of manufacturing. 

To learn more about the Techedge Smart Factory Solution Kit, click the button below:

View the Smart Factory Solution Kit



Libelium designs and manufactures hardware for wireless sensor networks so that system integrators, engineering, and consultancy companies can deliver reliable Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Smart Cities solutions with minimum time to market.

The versatile smart sensor platform allows for the implementation of any Wireless Sensor Network, from Smart Parking to Smart Irrigation solutions.