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Techedge AI Innovation in a European Horizon 2020 Project




Techedge AI Innovation in a European Horizon 2020 Project

Techedge | Nov 17, 2020

Techedge will play a leading role for Artificial Intelligence in the intelWATT project, part of the framework of the European Union’s program for Horizon 2020

The intelWATT project is being led by the “Demokritos” National Center for Scientific Research in Greece, and includes private companies such as Nokia, as well as universities and research centers like the CIEMAT (Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology) in Spain, the University of Birmingham, and the Polytechnic University of Turin.

The intelWATT (intelligent Water Treatment Technologies) primary mission is to prove the possibility of having an innovative and intelligent system by developing a working prototype in an operational environment. This system will include artificial intelligence tools and will be applied to water treatment technologies that combine freshwater conservation with resource recovery and energy conversion, all of which is based on the concept of a circular economy. 

This prototype’s effectiveness will be demonstrated through three different case studies, representing intensive industrial activities of the energy sector: 

  • conserving freshwater by reducing cooling tower blowdown by >99% on a combined-cycle power plant in Megalopolis, Greece;
  • energy conversion and water recovery through a symbiosis program, using effluents from mining and wastewater treatment plants in Castellgalí, Spain;
  • a closed system for simultaneous recovery of rare metals and wastewater treatment in Solingen, Germany.

As part of the consortium, Techedge will lead a team to implement an industrial IoT system based on sensorizing the entire process, storing the data, and controlling the working parameters through reinforcement learning systems.

Techedge’s system will gather all the data collected by sensors together in a data lake on the cloud, and will display the process’ working parameters in real time, using a reinforcement learning model based on deep neural network, with the aim of reducing total water processing costs by improving the process overall.

Within the consortium, Techedge will work closely alongside Nokia, who will be rolling out their IoT platform, Impact, as a hub for the IIoT system. The use of 5G in the field of industrial process control is being considered for this project.


This project is funded by the Research and Innovation Programme of the European Union Horizon 2020, grant agreement no. 958454.


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