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Enable Industry 4.0 in your Manufacturing Process at SCM 2017 Orlando





Industry 4.0



Enable Industry 4.0 in your Manufacturing Process at SCM 2017 Orlando

Techedge | Feb 28, 2017

Orlando, Florida - February, 2017

The first industrial revolution fundamentally changed the way goods were produced through the introduction of the steam engine. Then, the efficiency of assembly lines ushered in the second industrial revolution, enabling mass production of goods. The third industrial revolution leveraged upon information technology and the internet to enable automation.  We’ve been on the cusp of the next generation of sweeping change for some time, and it’s finally here.

Welcome to Industry 4.0: The fourth industrial revolution set to transform business as we know it by enabling the communication of data from machines to the cloud for process optimization and analysis. Using cyber-physical systems, Industry 4.0 is set to transform the way manufacturers not only produce their goods, but also the way in which they do business altogether.

During SCM 2017 Orlando we will discuss how you can optimize the manufacturing process, while gaining visibility into the entire product lifecycle leveraging SAP solutions for manufacturing and product lifecycle management to begin enabling industry 4.0 scenarios in your business. Join us!

Gain Insight Into Industry 4.0 During These SCM 2017 Sessions

Manufacturing operations and execution

Learn how to leverage the complete portfolio of SAP solutions for manufacturing to manage the complexities involved in the assembly process.

Attend and learn how to:

  • Build manufacturing dashboards to monitor performance, control shop floor, and calculate KPIs for equipment efficiency in SAP MII.
  • Integrate the SAP Manufacturing Execution system solution with SAP ERP- and SAP PLM-backed tools to communicate data from SAP ERP to the SAP Manufacturing Execution system.
  • Create and access 3D drawings using SAP 3D Visual Enterprise and viewing them directly in directly SAP Manufacturing Execution applications.

Discover how by registering today.


Product Lifecycle Management

Discover how to increase visibility into the NPDI flow by using out-of-the-box strategies in SAP Innovation Management, and SAP Portfolio and Project Management applications.

Attend and learn how to:

  • Define roles and responsibilities by translating the NPDI workflow to SAP Innovation Management workflows
  • Evaluate new product initiatives and design interactive graphics using SAP BusinessObjects Lumira by creating surveys and scoreboards.
  • Achieve complete visibility of the product lifecycle by utilizing techniques SAP Portfolio and Project Management cost planning and SAP ECC.

Discover how by registering today.