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SAP Solution Manager 7.2: Accelerating Landscape Changes in the Digital Era



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SAP Solution Manager 7.2: Accelerating Landscape Changes in the Digital Era

Nathan Williams | Jun 18, 2018

Digital strategies are driving increasingly diverse and heterogenous landscapes making it highly impractical, inefficient, and risky to continue a de-centralized strategy for change control management. In addition to diverse landscapes, we are presented with an era that is introducing new technologies (i.e. Internet of Things) while transitioning to cloud/hybrid landscapes.

With regard to application changes and new requirements, IT must be equipped to deliver business requests at a pace that is nearly equivalent to on-demand. This must be achieved in a coordinated and planned manner so that efficiency is maintained, and disruptions do not occur.

This blog will discuss the features of SAP Solution Manager that can help companies manage this disarray seamlessly, as well as the other tactics to be deployed for improving change management processes.

Change Control Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Satisfying business demand for accelerated request delivery, ensuring system landscapes remain controlled all while complying with audit and governance requirements is a complicated orchestration of events. Conducting an orchestration of this complexity manually or across various applications (e.g. spreadsheets, emails, in-house tools, etc.) is not suitable nor effective for today’s business transformation initiatives.

Change Control Management, a strategic scenario within SAP Solution Manager, contains of portfolio of capabilities that establishes a centralized foundation to effectively manage application changes with agility and control. Within this portfolio, you are offered a buffet of tools, processes, and capabilities that can be strategically implemented depending on your SAP ecosystem.  

Whether you are seeking workflow driven processes to drive segregation of duties and automation, a minimal infrastructure to deliver innovation changes with agility, an approach to synchronize changes across dual development systems, or a full-fledged release management solution, Change Control Management provides holistic coverage.

Technology is Not Enough

Defining and implementing a strategy for effective IT Change Management extends beyond merely the technological capabilities of a Change Control Management solution. Technology plays a crucial role in facilitating automation, consistency, and migration of changes across applications. Automated sequencing, identification and prevention of conflicts/downgrades, and transport activities triggered by workflow are just a few examples of how SAP Solution Manager leverages technology as a component of Change Control Management.

However, taking advantage of technology alone is not a model that can support business request delivery in the digital age. Change Control Management in SAP Solution Manager achieves a competitive advantage by not only delivering best-of-breed technological abilities, but by also aligning them with the people and process components of an organization.

Unifying people, process and technology provides for an effective IT Change Management solution that harmonizes change and release management processes across both IT and business teams. SAP Solution Manager drives the alignment of these three pillars by providing cutting edge tools as well as best practice frameworks, methodologies and processes.

Solution Manager 7.2: Better than Ever

Change Control Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is more mature, robust, and agile than ever before. For this reason, Change Control Management (specifically ChaRM) is considered a best-in-suite solution for customers looking to quickly manage change associated with complex business transformation and digital innovation projects with lower risk. While 3rd party tools exist that provide similar capabilities, it remains progressively more difficult to develop a business case  to procure, license and maintain these alternatives when Change Control Management in SAP Solution Manager is included with SAP Support.

In addition, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is now into year two of being made generally available and has been implemented by thousands of customers. Recently, Support Package 7 was introduced which provides even more features and stability (specifically with regards to ChaRM and Quality Gate Management.).

Looking ahead, the 2019 product direction includes full enablement of SAP Leonardo and SAP S/4HANACloud while the 2020 vision encompasses end-to-end support for the entire SAP product portfolio (including all cloud solutions).

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