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SAP Quality Awards: Techedge Recognized in Innovation, Cloud Innovation





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SAP Quality Awards: Techedge Recognized in Innovation, Cloud Innovation

Techedge | Oct 18, 2017

Milan, Italy - October 2017

Techedge, together with our customers Epta and ERG, has been awarded in the innovation and cloud innovation categories at the SAP® Quality Awards in Italy this year. The winning projects are for Epta's implementations of Hybris® eCommerce (silver, innovation) and for ERG's implementation of Ariba® (bronze, cloud innovation). 

Epta and Techedge Accepting Silver SAP Quality Award for Innovation with SAP Hybris Commerce

SAP Hybris eCommerce at Epta

Silver SAP Quality Award Winner in Innovation

Epta's company-wide #EptaExperience initiative aims to tackle the digital revolution currently facing the retail sector. For sales and marketing, that means redefining the shopping experience to make it more engaging for the customer. Through a variety of initiatives, Epta aims to transform its storefronts into points of experience

The SAP Hybris eCommerce portion of #EptaExperience has opened a new sales channel for the company. The solution, designed to improve the online buyer experience by offering a simplified and seamless digital shopping experience for Epta's B2B customers, allows Epta customers to order products and spare parts more easily. 

Specific innovations were introduced in order to meet Epta's business needs, including the ability to search products and their related components and to replicate SAP Hybris defined promotions into the SAP ERP, to name a few.

SAP Ariba at ERG

Bronze SAP Quality Award Winner in Cloud Innovation

ERG S.p.A. has increased supplier collaboration and efficiency and streamlined the procurement process, while improving the reliability and quality of supplier master data management, thanks to the redesign of their purchasing and finance processes on SAP Ariba.

The Ariba cloud project is the first agile software development methodology project performed in ERG and is unique for its innovative architecture. The solution leverages Ariba as the master for supplier data, which suppliers maintain themselves, and is then mirrored in their SAP ERP application.

About the SAP Quality Awards

Held annually across all the countries which SAP operates, the SAP Quality awards aim to recognize the quality, innovation and transformative projects of SAP customers and partners around the globe.

Projects are evaluated based on the 10 principles of quality that SAP recommends for successful implementation projects and awarded on four areas: Fast delivery, Innovation, Cloud Innovation and Business Transformation.


Epta, multinational Group specialized in commercial refrigeration for retailers, has made a name for itself in the world, thanks to a solid industrial culture, great competitive strength and the Group's significant presence worldwide in numerous business areas. The Group offers the widest and most comprehensive range of solutions for commercial refrigeration, ensuring the supply, installation and maintenance of systems, both directly and through an extensive network of distributors worldwide. EPTA Group also has a strong presence within the Food & Beverage market, working in partnership with major players in the sector. Epta's calling crystallizes in its decision to combine the value of experience with innovation, to promote sustainable progress and constantly pursue a strategy for internationalization.


ERG is a producer of electricity generated by clean, renewable and sustainable sources. In 2016, ERG produced 7,552 GWh of electricity - enough to satisfy the clean energy demand of 3.1 million households. With operations in 7 countries and a combined EBITDA of 469 Million Euros covering wind, water and natural gas, ERG is committed to staying in tune with the changing world, anticipating the trends that are changing the global energy scenario.


At Techedge, our mission is to help companies become more agile by exploiting the value of IT throughout every stage of their business transformation. We provide business solutions and IT services that combine pragmatic business vision and excellent IT delivery capabilities, with a lean, trust-based approach.

With over 1,500 professionals worldwide, we offer our clients the scalability of a global provider, the flexibility of a local partner, and the competence of a strategic, trusted advisor.