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Techedge SAP Migration Factory, for a simplified journey to the cloud






Techedge SAP Migration Factory, for a simplified journey to the cloud

Techedge | Oct 14, 2020

Thanks to the long time experience on SAP migration and AWS cloud migration projects, Techedge built the SAP Migration Factory for managing these critical processes in a seamless way supporting customers along the entire lifecycle of the initiative, from cloud infrastructure and SAP Landscape design to actual migration and post-migration activities.

AWS infrastructure has been perfected for SAP year after year and it’s now optimized to host mission critical SAP landscapes; at Techedge we see this as a great opportunity to unlock the full power of AWS cloud platform, extending the ERP value with vertical apps developments to address peculiar needs or with advanced analytics leveraging ML algorithms.

SAP S/4HANA adoption is the natural next step for the most of SAP customers; Techedge has recently achieved the SAP Recognized Expertise for SAP S/4HANA becoming the best partner to support customers in their journeys to S/4HANA on Cloud. 

SAP Migration Factory is based on Seamless System 4 Migration, the Techedge proven solution to support customers for moving any SAP workloads in a seamless way from any platform to AWS with repeatable patterns to simplify the migration.

Thousands of man days of project experiences allowed us to define an approach, a methodology, a set of tools and box them in a package based solution proposal that grants to our customers:  

  • Speed to Value - whatever your landscape is, we already faced it
  • Cost reduction - experience means to have the tasks done right, at the first attempt 
  • Low risk - knowledge means to now in advance where potential pitfalls are

We simplify your road to SAP on AWS - this means also preparing the target environment on AWS to manage deployments and changes with an Infrastructure as Code model relying upon templates developed by Techedge and enabled to work with AI for preventive and predictive maintenance.

Techedge SAP Migration Factory is currently distributed and operating in Colombia, Italy, Spain and USA to cover all the regions where we operate.

Typical migration patterns are:

  • Lift&Shift → move to AWS cloud without software changes (e.g. OS, DB, release) 
  • Lift&Refit → move to AWS cloud and improve SAP Landscapes upgrading OS and DB version
  • Replatform → Heterogeneous System Copy for moving SAP from any platform to different OS (i.e. from any to Linux) and/or to different DB (i.e. from any to SAP HANA)
  • SAP S/4HANA conversion → Moving and converting SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA during migration to the cloud with Techedge smart packages like S4H Landing and S4H Discovery, both certified by SAP.

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, with AWS SAP competency status and as SAP Gold Partner with SAP Recognized Expertise for SAP S/4HANA, Techedge is the strategic partner to work with when you want to take the most out of the cloud for your SAP landscapes.

With specialistic teams certified  SAP and AWS, we are  supporting more than 200 customers running SAP complex landscapes both on cloud and hybrid architectures.

Once the migration is completed Techedge will keep your SAP landscape healthy and safe with end-to-end managed service Seamless System 4 SAP , the specific Techedge managed service for SAP. With hundreds of customers around the world and more than 2000 managed SAP systems currently , Techedge is the right partner to protect and extend your investments in SAP.