Arena Analytics: Your Recipe for the Perfect Fan Experience

Thanksgiving and football, it’s an American tradition almost as old as the holiday itself. There are hundreds of recipes for the perfect turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce; but what if you’re attending the football game – live – at the stadium? Is there a recipe for the perfect game day experience? Not just for food, but for the entire experience beginning to end. Does such a recipe exist?

Arena Analytics: Your recipe for the perfect fan experience 

In the spirit of the season, Techedge is proud to offer you our secret family recipe for the ultimate gameday: a dish we call, “Arena Analytics.”


  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP Hana Database as a Service

Preparation Time: 3 Months (on-average)


  • Begin with a ripe SAP Hana Database as a Service. Rich in speed and memory, SAP HANA is known for its remarkable ability to store large amounts of savory data while producing instant and aromatic calculations sure to please even the pickiest of analysts.
  • Next, incorporate SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services (SAPCP-IS). The unsung hero of the dish, SAPCP-IS is responsible for pulling the data from different sources to create a multifaceted dish layered in robust information on ticket sales, parking capacity, merchandising revenue, and sales reports on food and beverage.
  • Finally, add a sophisticated layer of presentation with SAP Analytics Cloud. The ideal topping for such a crowd-pleasing dish as Arena Analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud is as appealing to the eyes as it is to the senses. The enticing data is delivered through easy to digest pie charts, graphs, and geospatial maps.

How best to serve:

Similar to pasta, eggs, and rice, Arena Analytics is remarkably versatile and can enhance almost any event associated with the fan/game day experience.

  • When used for Parking, Arena Analytics is ideal for providing venue operators information on: Spots sold and scanned, prepaid parking purchases vs same-day purchase, color coated lot maps by parking capacity, and any errors that might occur such as duplicate scans and incorrect lot parking
  • When incorporated with Attendance it delivers a bold array of data on: Seats sold vs show rate, gate flow and entrance by gate, season holder attendance vs single game attendance, as well as a geo-spatial attendance map by seat and section.
  • Arena Analytics also pairs perfectly with Merchandise and Food & Beverage reports providing a bounty of information on: Total sales and transactions by location and product, revenue pre, during and postgame, sales by product type, and the best/worst performing vendors by sales.

Unlike previous reporting methods, Arena Analytics can be enjoyed in real time allowing you to savor every morsel of data the moment it occurs.

Simply implement, activate, and enjoy!

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