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Open-es, the digital platform for the development of sustainable industrial supply chains, is now live




Open-es, the digital platform for the development of sustainable industrial supply chains, is now live

Techedge | Apr 07, 2021

April 7th, 2021 – Open-es, the new digital platform dedicated to sustainability in industrial supply chains and open to all companies involved in the energy transition process, has been launched and is now live.

The platform is the result of the partnership between Eni, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Google Cloud. Techedge Group is proud to contribute to this initiative providing digital advisory through beNIMBL, vertical knowledge on Environmental, Social, Governance topics with ESGeo, and with its Cloud Native Team that, thanks to its certified competencies, plays a key role in the design and implementation of the digital platform.

Techedge Group embraced Open-es journey with great enthusiasm and in total alignment with the fundamental concepts; we strongly believe that sustainability, in all its facets, is achieved as an ecosystem result, through a collaborative, non-competitive process of sharing and with the contribution of all the involved stakeholders.

The Open-es platform is accessible to all companies, from SMEs to large enterprises, that want to play a leading role in the growth of the industrial ecosystem in terms of sustainability, both in Italy and worldwide, that will capitalize upon experiences and best practices in the field of sustainability throughout the industrial chain.

The Open-es community already counts almost 1000 companies, with Eni suppliers among the early adopters; other leading companies from primary industrial sectors are joining, if you are interested, more information available in the "How to get started" section of the website.

Open-es will enable community participants to carry out the following:

  • measure their own sustainability performance and compare themselves with industry benchmarks through a guided tour;
  • gain an awareness of their strengths and areas for improvement where ESG is concerned in order to build a development pathway, curate advice and develop solutions that will help them close gaps and build on their strengths;
  • involve their suppliers by inviting them to join Open-es, thus improving the sustainability of the procurement processes and access of statistics, detailed analyses and tools for collaborating with the supply chain;
  • access a collaborative area where they can share experiences, give visibility to their best practices in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability and ask for and offer support.

The platform is characterized by an evolutionary pathway that also leverages users’ feedback to increasingly enrich the features of Open-es.

Read the full Press Release by Eni here

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