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Migrating ERP to AWS: Your first step towards realizing the full potential of the cloud






Migrating ERP to AWS: Your first step towards realizing the full potential of the cloud

Techedge | Sep 02, 2020

According to Gartner, 85% of organizations will no longer use a traditional data center by 2025. Indeed, the availability and adoption of new digital technologies enables the change in business models and in the way many companies work. Meantime, it highlights numerous criticalities and challenges that On Premise architectures present in each industry:

  • Scalability: inability to align with a rapid business change;
  • Funcionality: complexity, cost and rigidity of extensions;
  • Maintenance: expensive costs and technical skills.

Nowadays, organizations can move any type of workload to the Cloud: among the most critical there are those related to ERP applications along with their extensions and integrations.

Being a SAP Partner, AWS is among the leaders of Cloud providers, thanks to a platform capable of providing concrete business benefits in terms of security, robustness and cost reduction.

Techedge, as AWS APN Advanced Consulting Partner, combines both technical and functional skills, in particular for the SAP offer, with a proven experience in managing complex and performing AWS architectures.

This expertise has allowed us to develop pre-packaged solutions, which fully cover the needs of our customers who are dealing with migrations on AWS: from preliminary studies and mapping, to migration and post-migration support.

This approach allows our customers to choose the type of support that best suits their needs, obtaining a guarantee of the quality and the value of the services received, while respecting certain costs.

In the SAP Workload Migration Solution Brief Ebook you will find all the concrete benefits for your organization and the success stories of customers who have already adopted AWS Cloud with the support of Techedge.


Unleash the full potential of the Cloud

Find out how to migrate your applications to AWS by exploiting the main advantages of SAP in Cloud, with a tailor-made offer.

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