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Manufacturing Analytics: Obtain a Centralized View of Plant Performance

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Manufacturing Analytics: Obtain a Centralized View of Plant Performance

Gianni Pelizzo | Oct 04, 2018

CEOs, leaders and top management of manufacturing companies have to cope with the necessity of monitoring the performance of their production plants - often spread all over the world, each one with different processes and peculiarities. Often times, the performance analysis of these plants is viewed from various lens which range from a 10,000 foot view, down to the minute details depending on the scenario presented.

For companies with multiple manufacturing and production plants, achieving the level of scale required for accurate manufacturing analytics and performance monitoring from top to bottom is a complex task.

However, approaching plant data holistically will not only help companies to seize new opportunities introduced by frameworks like Industry 4.0, it will also allow top management to view plant performance from 360 degrees and make more informed and complete decisions to advance the organization toward it's objectives. 

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Manufacturing Analytics: Driving successful centralized plant monitoring

A robust set of KPIs available in real time and supported by historical data and insights regarding alerts, trends and geographies is a primary enabler of truly holistic plant performance monitoring. Having this information on hand, in the right hands, is what allows plant operators, managers and senior management to view the plant operations' from a broad range of perspectives and draw conclusions that are based in critical thinking - as opposed to reactive responses to triggers.

One effective way to achieve this goal is by implementing a centralized manufacturing performance management solution. A centralized tool allows to analyze manufacturing performance across plants, acquiring and harmonizing data from disparate manufacturing applications and transforming them into actionable insights.

Relevant manufacturing analytics KPIs are conveyed on one global analyzer that can be presented to users through intuitive dashboards with an adaptive user experience, designed around each KPI’s specific context and purpose. All this enables the key stakeholders to make tactical and strategic decisions and achieve best-in-class manufacturing performance.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights

SAP’s own answer to meet the new challenges of manufacturing performance management is SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights (DMI): a cloud-based, customizable tool for centralized performance monitoring that has the unique capability to present the KPIs with a responsive and unmatched user-experience, satisfying requirements and expectations of top management, business leaders and CEOs.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights complements and extends SAP’s existing on premise solution portfolio for digital manufacturing by bringing the solution footprint to the cloud. It enables to collect, visualize and analyze data coming from the manufacturing execution system providing real-time, end-to-end visibility on manufacturing operations, physically connected assets and production efficiency.

SAP DMI also allows to compute statistics and predictions in order to drive the future strategies of the business team. The ability of taking decisions at the top-level management, based on the harmonized metrics captured across multiple plants, and of actuating changes in the processes at all the low-level sites, results in a remarkable saving of time and resources for the entire enterprise.

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