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Lookcast is now SAP-certified with Techedge Connector for SAP C/4HANA Commerce





Customer Experience

Lookcast is now SAP-certified with Techedge Connector for SAP C/4HANA Commerce

Techedge | Jul 15, 2019

Milan, Italy - July 15, 2019 -- Techedge is proud to announce the certification of its connector for SAP C/4HANA for Lookcast, a customer experience platform that has rethought the idea of the catalog.

This recognition certifies the Lookcast platform as a fully integrated solution for companies running on SAP C/4HANA Commerce. The unique connection of Lookcast application and SAP C/4HANA permits users to rapidly create catalogs for printing and interactive shopping experience, ensuring synchronization and data fidelity across all channels.

With Lookcast, brands reduce production costs of printed materials and improve the ecommerce customer experience. Techedge’s SAP Commerce connector for Lookcast allows the alignment between SAP Commerce and the Lookcast platform, maintaining data fidelity: products and catalogues  created in SAP Commerce are automatically available for Lookcast, while digital lookbooks created in Lookcast can be published directly in SAP Commerce or any other channel offering customer journey tracking too.

“The release of the SAP Commerce connector for Lookcast is an important additional step in Techedge capability to offer composite end-to-end Customer Experience solutions to our customers,” comments Roberto Nicolino, SAP C/4HANA Commerce Practice Manager at Techedge.

“In the highly competitive digital scenario, having an online presence and a proficient ecommerce is not enough for retailers to thrive. Buyers are seeking cross-channel, customized engagement with their favorite brands” he continues, “so the ability of offering enhanced shopping experiences makes a real difference, we optimize the ability to cross-sell, upsell, and can influence the overall cart value of each individual shopper. With the SAP Commerce connector for Lookcast, customers using SAP C/4HANA Commerce are now able to create interactive catalogues, always updated to the latest collection piece, from their ecommerce - in just a few clicks.”

The connector is available for download in the SAP App Center.



LOOKCAST is an innovative technological company born in Chicago (IL) in 2012 with the idea of transforming the lookbook from an object born for traditional channels into a digital tool.

LOOKCAST’s mission is to drive brands beyond the eCommerce, to evolve the traditional catalogs into interactive digital experiences, to deliver customers an engaging shopping experience.



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