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Techedge Demonstrates Industrial Automation at SPS Italia



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Techedge Demonstrates Industrial Automation at SPS Italia

Techedge | May 16, 2017

Parma, Italy - May, 2017

Techedge is proud to present among its partners at SPS IPC Drives Italia this May 23rd to 25th. The event, which is celebrating its 7th anniversary, is one of Italy's premier events focusing on Industrial Automation, IoT and Industry 4.0.



SPS Italia brings together the country's leading suppliers and producers of systems and components in the industrial automation landscape, showcasing a wide range of products and solutions and allowing visitors to discover real-life demonstrations of Automation, Industrial IoT, Predictive Maintenance and Machine Learning in their industries. By leveraging on the knowledge of business community leaders, real-life experiences and open discussion, the event aims to provide attendees with a clear direction on how to advance their manufacturing scenarios through automation, IoT and cloud technologies. 

Techedge will be present at the event with two of our strategic partners in industrial automation projects, Eurotech and Hilscher. Join us to view and discuss our connected machinery applications developed on SAP®, AWS and Microsoft Azure platforms!

Hilscher- Booth 3, stand G047

Hilscher is a leader in development and production of industrial communication solutions for modern factory automation.

Collaborating with several leading companies in the Automation and IT sector, we’ve developed a full demo project on traceability and monitoring in the cloud, demonstrating how Industrial IoT and the Digital Twin concept can enable the efficient monitoring of both the quality of the manufactured products and the status and efficiency of the production line components.

At the stand, you will find a real test bed for kevlar/fiberglass tubes; the connectivity of all the testing sensors allow the real time collection of information not only on the tube's quality and production, but also around their status and performance of the sensors themselves. The collected data are then sent and organized on SAP cloud platform, where they can be analyzed allowing the precise and flexible monitoring of the executed tests, of the production quality and of the operational efficiency of the testing machinery itself.

Eurotech - Booth 6, stand E044

Eurotech is a leading supplier of embedded systems, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms and IoT solutions.

By combining our competences on IoT technologies and processes, together we are able to deliver complex projects of connected manufacturing and Industry 4.0 - thus integrating sensors and Edge computing, allowing the centralized collection of data from production lines, enabling remote support, real time monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Join us at our booth to see our demo applications in action!