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ESGeo is a Proud Partner of Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Campaign






ESGeo is a Proud Partner of Microsoft #BuildFor2030 Campaign

Techedge | Nov 02, 2020

ESGeo, our sustainability intelligence platform, is Microsoft's featured solution for their #BuildFor2030 campaign. With this initiative, Microsoft intends to highlight partners whose technology enables an inclusive economy, creating opportunities and positive business outcomes in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

#BuildFor2030 stems from the belief that technology is key in driving solutions that enable everyone, everywhere, to achieve more. 

ESGeo is being featured as a partner aligned to Goal 13: Climate Action, as a solution that can effectively support the fight against climate change, promoting an environment-oriented culture and enforcing sustainable governance.

Organizations that are willing to lower their impact on the environment need to measure such impact in the first place and track the improvements of their ongoing efforts. The collection of non-financial data is often a complex process, as it involves multiple stakeholders and heterogeneous, unstructured data: here’s where technologies like ESGeo come into play.

The ESGeo platform is designed to help companies collect and manage non-financial data in a structured manner, implementing a transparent process for their sustainability reporting, from data collection to disclosure.
By effectively managing their sustainability KPIs from a centralized tool, organizations can identify and measure the tangible impacts of their Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives and build a more robust communication with external stakeholders - including investors, rating agencies and financial institutions.

In the climate action scenario, this means being able to monitor and communicate KPIs such as water consumption, carbon emissions, green energy use and recycling as part of a fully traceable and auditable integrated process.

But there is more than that. As a GRI Standards certified tool, ESGeo supports data collection and disclosure for KPIs related to the Environmental dimension and those in the Social and Governance sphere, enabling companies to implement a seamless ESG Digital Governance and manage the entire value chain of corporate sustainability.

ESGeo's commitment to building a more sustainable future is using technology at the service of sustainability, to inspire and support organizations in achieving their sustainability goals and beyond.

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ESGeo is an integrated cloud application created by Techedge to manage the entire value chain of corporate sustainability to measure, manage and plan the Environmental, Social and Governance impacts. ESGeo simplifies sustainability reporting for enterprises and helps businesses improve transparency in non-financial disclosures.

The ESGeo platform allows companies to collect non-financial data, create detailed sustainability reports, define budgets, and monitor aggregate results even at the business-unit or individual manager level. With ESGeo, organizations gain the ability to identify and measure ESG factors' impacts, comparing the current positioning with respect to objectives, competitors, and market best practices.

Equipped with a structured workflow developed to ensure data traceability, it increases the managers' involvement in achieving corporate sustainability goals and improving communication with external stakeholders - including investors, rating agencies, and financial institutions. ESGeo is a GRI Standards certified tool.



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