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Enabling circular economy with smart, connected products: Techedge welcomes Anela Boese


Enabling circular economy with smart, connected products: Techedge welcomes Anela Boese

Techedge | Jul 14, 2021

We are honored to welcome Anela Boese, a pioneer in the field of connected products and automation, in our Digital Advisory team!

An increasing number of corporations are looking at becoming more sustainable by shifting their paradigm from a traditional linear model to circular ones - and connected, intelligent products and services are at the core of the Circular Economy’s principles.

Anela Boese has been part of the transformation of the connected industry since 1999, becoming over the years a recognized expert in smart products and automation. Prior to her most recent experience as Director E/E Car Connect at Porsche AG, she covered the role of VP at T-Systems International GmbH / DTAG with focus on Smart Mobility and IoT. Before that, she held other executive and leadership roles - including co-founder and CEO at visiomatic GmbH, a global technology leader in innovative building automation for smart homes.

With more than 20 years of  experience in disruptive technologies and digital solutions, joining as Managing Director of beNIMBL Germany - Techedge Group, Anela will be instrumental in helping us take our Digital Advisory offering to the next level and support our customers in leveraging technological innovation to drive actual value within their business ecosystems.



“This is a crucial decade for change. Companies who are committed to becoming more sustainable by embracing the Circular Economy are going through a profound transformation, encompassing their whole value chain. Digital technologies are the primary enablers of this transformation - and connected products and intelligent automation are clearly key components of circular models, dominated by an as-a-service approach” states Domenico Restuccia, Techedge Group CEO. “We believe innovation is enabled by technology and must be human-centered; in this context, scientists are making the difference in driving this transformation with their experience and knowledge. We’re happy to welcome Anela on board, as we continue to support our customers in reshaping their business models towards sustainability.”

Anela Boese adds: “I am excited to accept this new challenge and I’m looking forward to supporting more and more organizations in their journeys toward circularity, helping them rethink their products and services in a way that generates shared value. Disruptive technologies have the power to transform our industry and economy, but these innovations are helpful only if people can actually use them in their jobs, to improve their lives and build a better future. This is what sustainable innovation is about - and the powerful role of technology. With this vision and a clear strategy focused on sustainability and technology-driven circular transformation, we are committed to driving positive impacts in our customers’ ecosystems.”


About Techedge Digital Advisory

With our Digital Advisory services - offered on the market through the dedicated brand beNIMBL - we help companies rethink and explore new business models to become digital market leaders, understanding and leveraging the potential of new technologies in their organizations. Through our proprietary methodologies inspired by design thinking, we guide them in the definition of the best paths to obtain maximum value from the digitization of their businesses, deploying innovation to achieve tangible results.

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