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A Comprehensive Guide to
the Cloud-Computing Solution from SAP

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Demystifying the Cloud Computing Solution from SAP

Today the cloud, mature, robust, flexible - and saturated with offerings from the world's leading technology players like Microsoft, Google, Amazon and SAP - offers customers a new horizon in which complex IT applications can be built, managed, deployed and run.

The cloud has opened new doors to customers around the world, including easy access to new innovations, reduction of "hidden costs" related to infrastructure maintenance and the famous depletion of significant upfront overhead costs.

Despite the evident and tangible benefits of cloud platforms, customers today are posed with a new challenge: Deciding which cloud platform will best suit their business needs and evolution.

The purpose of this guide is to illustrate the potential of SAP Cloud Platform and how its revolutionary on-demand, service-oriented model can help enterprises to focus on their road to innovation and, ultimately, thrive in a digital business scenario.

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About the Author

Massimo Tuscano | Senior Consultant @ Techedge

Massimo Tuscano has more than a decade of experience in IT strategy with focus on SAP platforms and process integration. In his career he has supported large enterprise customers of various sectors in modernizing their IT infrastructure and processes to achieve higher agility and improved efficiency.

Massimo started his career at Techedge in Milan, Italy, relocating to the USA in 2013. Today, Massimo is supporting customers in realizing their digital transformation through the development and implementation of lean, flexible and robust IT solution architectures.