See SAP Solution Manager's Monitoring Capabilities in Action

This demonstration is a follow up to the previous webinar on Comprehensive Monitoring, where we discussed the tools and best practices to enable comprehensive monitoring for improved control of systems and applications in the IT landscape.

In this demonstration, we will show each of SAP Solution Manager 7.2's tools for comprehensive monitoring in a live system. Including:

  • Technical Monitoring
  • Business Process Monitoring
  • End User Experience Monitoring
  • Introscope

This session is well suited for business process owners, Basis administrators, and IT management looking to gain more from their systems & applications monitoring efforts.

About the Speaker


Senior Technologist

With his engineering degree from Johns Hopkins University, Arne went to work for SAP America for over a decade.

Now a Senior Technologist with Monocle, Arne is dedicated to growing the use of SAP Solution Manager as he heads up Monocle's SolMan AMS practice.