Planning a SAP Mobility Strategy for Enterprise Applications?

Planning a mobile strategy? Tune into this webinar as we uncover the considerations SAP® customers will need to keep in mind when planning to take their enterprise mobile. 

You will learn:

  • How to identify the decision making drivers that will help guide you along the selection process and support your mobile strategy
  • The UX options and accelerators available in SAP to help you reach your target, faster
  • How to build a simple mobile application that works, even when not connected to the internet, in under 10 minutes

Achieving SAP Mobility is simpler than you may think - Discover how to achieve it, Register now!

About the Speaker

Ivan Femia

SAP Mentor, Customer Engagement Practice Director

Ivan is a practice manager at Techedge where he is responsible for the management of SAP Deployment Strategy, Architecture and implementation for multinational clients in several industries ranging from Automotive to Pharmaceutical.

His work aims to enable organizations to take advantage of the latest technologies, providing concrete and immediate value to their business. In particular, his focus is in the areas of large-scale Custom Development based on SAP HANA and SAP Fiori, User Experience Optimization and Mobility Adoption.