Integrate ServiceNow with SAP Solution Manager ChaRM for End-to-End IT Change Request Management

Many customers have a Change Management process that spans continents, departments, and applications, creating complexity for developers and IT support teams who need transparency to assure business applications are not impacted by a change. 

With ServiceNow and ChaRM - Everyone wins. Join this webinar to learn why.

In this presentation we’ll explain:

  • how customers have implemented ChaRM and integrated it with their global ITSM system
  • how ServiceNow and ChaRM work together to create a simple, audit-proof workflow that both developers and support teams can interact with
  • how ServiceNow and ChaRM improve IT processes by providing one holistic view of the IT Change Request landscape.


About the Speaker

Scott Baxter

Senior Technologist

Scott is a Senior Technologist with Monocle Systems. Starting his SAP career at SAP's own Hosting practice, Scott has over 10 years experience in the SAP Hosting industry. His expertise includes installing and configuring SAP Solution Manager including ChaRM with Retrofit, ITSM, and Technical Monitoring. He has also implemented innovative solutions for customers, including the integration of third party ticketing systems such as Remedy and ServiceNow with Solution Manager's Incident Management and ChaRM functionalities.