Deploying SAP HANA Landscape in Amazon Web Services - Scenarios & Benefits

      In this webinar we will show how SAP customers are leveraging Amazon Web Services for their Production systems. You will see how AWS platform can help you to simplify and automate routine operations. Finally we'll deep dive into the AWS Console and reveal the path to achieve greater speed, agility and flexibility of SAP operations.

      About the Speaker

      Antonio Delli Gatti

      Antonio Delli Gatti Antonio Delli Gatti


      Antonio is a Principal SAP Consultant with over 10 years of leading experience in IT consulting industry.

      Antonio has worked with a large range of International Organizations and Fortune 500 companies where his core competencies are focused on the architectural design, implementation and governance of large-scale SAP landscapes both on premise and on cloud.

      He is currently building solutions for the adoption of the Cloud to simplify the governance model and support of IT operations for many companies worldwide. In particular, he focuses on helping customers automate tasks and orchestrate processes in SAP environments by leveraging cloud platform tools.

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