Techedge's Integration Competency Center

Techedge has a long and recognized history of helping customers manage their systems and application integration challenges.

Companies face such challenges while undergoing implementations, changing or upgrading systems, software or infrastructure. During this current era or rapid digital evolution, when many companies are adopting cloud services and architectures that need to communicate and integrate seamlessly with existing on premise solutions, our clients are finding our expertise invaluable.

Our experience is used to leverage our methodological framework, which guides us in the process of analyzing, planning, designing and implementing an integration roadmap.

Our approach takes many diverse options into consideration, so we pay particular attention to the potential impact that integration architectures might have on security, performance and operations.

Techedge Integration Services Portfolio is designed to address a variety of pain points:

  • Analyze your integration needs, requirements and dependencies.

  • Assess the impact that integration architectures have on the system landscape.

  • Design Integration Architectures

  • Implement integration technologies and solutions (this includes solutions from the main integration vendors, such as SAP, Oracle or Mulesoft)

  • Develop specific integration scenarios between heterogeneous environments

  • Help IT with the management and operation of integration scenarios

  • Web integration services

  • Hybrid Cloud integration scenarios and technologies

Our role, job and commitment is to become your trusted and agile partner when approaching or implementing integration projects.

We help you to select the best integration architecture or platform, implement your integration scenarios or technology, and develop custom tools to help you understand, support, manage and maintain your system landscape.

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We provide System Management Services for global organizations.

With a proactive approach aimed at continuously improving the quality and the stability of the solution, we supports our customers with a proficient competence center. [Learn More]

At Techedge, we have performed hundreds of custom code optimization projects, rollouts and upgrades worldwide. This gave us the unique opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the most common software quality issues, their impacts and the possible mitigations.

Based on these experiences, we have developed Doctor ZedGe, a suite of solutions that allows the identification of quality issues in you SAP Custome Code. [Learn More]