Increase efficiency of a dynamic workforce with mobile applications designed to enable enterprise agility

Satisfying a diverse employee make-up while remaining efficient is just one of the key obstacles HR will face in the coming years. Through mobility, technology can help pave the way for more effective, streamlined processes and improved user experience for the entire workforce. 

HR mobile applications are a convenient, effective way to manage employees on the go in the increasingly more global world of business. Designed to make the life of both the business user and the HR team more simple, efficient and intuitive, HR applications also lend to overall employee satisfaction.

employee travel receipt capture - mobile app for HR

Techedge expense reporting application enables employees to capture travel receipts on the go (on or offline) by enabling end users to manage expense reporting from their smart device.

  • Users take photos of receipts and load to the Travel Receipt application
  • Enter corresponding data about expense type
  • Send and retrieve of data is securely linked to the SAP ERP system 

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 employee timesheet recorder  - mobile app for HR

The Employee Timesheet recorder let's users manage timesheet recording from any mobile device and is securely integrated to the SAP ERP system.

  • Simple to read legend and calendar display
  • Users are able to view vacation days, errors in their time report and more.
  • Realized for over 80k end users, timesheet recorder is a fast, efficient way to capture employee hours.

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 employee leave request  - mobile app for HR

With the Employee leave request app, employees enter leave requests from their mobile device utilizing calendar or date range features to easily enter information.

  • View status of their time-off request
  • View days spent year to date
  • Leave Request App generates approval workflows that are managed directly in the application, and integrated to the SAP ERP system

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