Increase efficiency with mobile applications for a purchasing powerhouse enabled any time, any where

Tasks which once were capable of being completed only from a desktop or laptop are now capable of being completed securely with a few touches of a button on your mobile device - whether in the office, or on the go. This concept of “everywhere access” to enterprise resources is a vehicle for companies to achieve significant gains in not only workforce productivity, but also end user satisfaction.

The procurement area can flourish from the use of strategic mobile applications from the front line to the executive suite. These solutions can range from basic enrichment of standard transactions (PO creation), to cross-functional approvals (such as workflow) to fully connected solutions utilizing IoT.

Take a look at our app portfolio, developed for over 100K end users globally:

Mobile Workflow Approval for the Procurement Area

 Mobile Workflow Approval

Discover, monitor, approve and reject workflow requests securely from any smartphone for real time data processing anytime, anywhere. Business process cycle times that used to span days are potentially reduced to minutes utilizing WF applications.

Workflow approval applications can link to any, or multiple, SAP modules allowing users to reject, forward and approve workflow updates from their phone, anytime, anywhere. Allowing procurement organization to create and approve requests from requisition to PO lifecycle, from their device.

Users can see relevant business data and attachments to support their decisions directly within the application.

  • Realized experience for over 10K end users

  • Benefits: Business process speed improvement

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 Where is My Request?

Where is my Request? is a smart finder for business requests and approvals. Users can search for their purchase orders, requisitions and other to view the current status and necessary actions to be taken.

  • Realized experience for over 80K end users

  • Benefits: Business process improvement

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Goods Receipt Confirmation

A security based purchase order catalog, search and confirm application allows user to mark PO’s as received while inputting relevant data from their smart device.

  • Realized experience for over 10K end users

  • Benefits: Productivity

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If you're looking to boost worker productivity, in the office, warehouse or out in the field - connect with us to understand what mobile options can best suit your needs.