Supply Chain Efficiency

With margins decreasing and global competition increasing, manufacturing companies must ensure the most efficient operation possible. To do this, companies must have access to critical production data and the tools to make that data into actionable insight.

Techedge’s Virtual Control Room solution makes use of the extensive industry and technology experience and knowledge of our consultants, together with the best-of-breed technology partners, to provide our clients the insight and a competitive edge. The Solution provides an easy and user-friendly way for decision makers to access and analyze critical real-time production data.

The solution can be tailored to specific client needs with the most appropriate architecture for transforming the way they interact production information.


[fa icon="clock-o"] Real time status updates

  • Show plant status, process variables, production and equipment KPI’s and can be compared with historical data for trend analysis and troubleshooting.

[fa icon="warning"] Controlled Alert Management

  • Define parameters for alerts or alarms to provide an early warning system for abnormal or unplanned events – reducing accidents and incidents.

[fa icon="eye"] Preventative Maintenance & Monitoring

  • Identify performance issues before they occur, avoiding costly down-time

  • Ensure operations are performing at optimal levels


  • Increase efficiency of operations and production

  • Reduce down-time related to incidents and accidents

  • Enhanced problem solving and performance with company-wide collaboration

  • Can be enabled for mobile, enabling managers with real-time access to vital data for decision making and corrective action


Remote Terminal Unit, QlikView Server, Knet Server, SQL Database, MS Internet Information Services

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