360 Degree View of Company Status on Any Platform

In a continuously evolving landscape, with a growing demand for diversified information from an expanding number of stakeholders, the Finance department needs the proper tools and new levels of efficiency to successfully accomplish core processes, like the book closing, in a timely manner. Financial consolidation, reporting, and analysis tools offer the Finance area a more effective way to deliver useful, analysis-ready reports. 

Technologies like Oracle Hyperion Financial Management have eliminated inconsistent views and improved data quality, dramatically reducing the time and effort needed for the periodic closing process.

To exploit the full benefits of financial management tools, it is critical to partner with professionals who can facilitate the entire transformation, pairing strong technical skills with an understanding of the underlying complexities: a partner that can deliver improvement to the financial closing process and at the same time fulfill the reporting and transparency needs of all stakeholders.

The result is a performance analytics solution that offers in one single point a range of analysis for tracking and monitoring financial data across the whole enterprise.

As member of the Oracle Partner Network, a certified network of market leaders in performance analytics, we can propose the most effective approach to meeting your reporting module needs, covering all aspects from mapping and integrating data sources to enabling manual input and data adjustment.


On Track is a centralized, monitored, and flexible reporting & analysis layer. The realization of “the single version of the truth” vision which improves transparency and efficiency, reducing the effort spent on compliance while improving accessibility and usability. On Track enable managerial analysis from purely financial data while offering comprehensive decision making support:

• Unique Accessible Information to all business functions
• Regularly available data for the Reporting Team
• Support for Analysis  and the understanding of Financial Performance
• A Centralized definition for all metrics, calculations, and measures
• Business Intelligence embedded directly into process workflows
• Multidimensional flexibility for consolidation engines


On Track offers a lean approach to tracking expenses throughout the enterprise and inspiring interactive analytical applications through customized parameters prompting self-service and future development. 

• Unified metrics that allow senior management to monitor the business at a minute level
• Planning and analysis within each region, brand, legal entity, and details
• Cross analysis of data between countries, sales channels, products, and details/variables of their own business 
• Full Access to financial and managerial information via multi-platform reporting system and the ability to navigate data to preference
• Reduces the time spent on manual report formatting, allowing time for more core strategic activities


The solution architecture aligns the Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation, Essbase Application Link, and Financial Data Quality Management to create a modular Plug and Play solution that allows users to navigate and communicate company data. Development of a reporting and analysis layer that responds to internal Business Intelligence rules is effective at transforming HFM, offering superior data contextualization without making any changes to existing sources. 

The solution offers five different reporting modules:

• basic
• adjusted
• closing frames
• data
• interactive

Basic implementation takes about 12 weeks from kick-off to go-live; implementation time for other modules depends on the complexity of the environment.