Maximize production continuity, Improve communication and reduce maintenance costs for a more agile supply chain

initially designed for the auto industry, CAPMAN is a capacity management system that supports manufacturers in the procurement of components. The collaborative solution involves thousands of suppliers in the process of managing productive capacity while meeting manufacturer requirements.

Parts requirements are compared and matched with the corresponding capacity of each supplier within a 6 month span, highlighting critical weeks of component supply. When inconsistencies arise, the solution identifies any actions necessary for meeting peak demand. 


CAPMAN supports the entire manufacturing community (suppliers, the suppliers' quality department, supply chain sector teams, plant planning teams, purchasing teams, and product development) leveraging the collaborative functionality to offer greater insight and efficiency, and overall process transparency.

• Smart Dashboard 

The dashboard feature allows the supplier community to communicate their production capacity in a well-structured order to accurately represent their production line constraints.

Weekly comparisons of capacity and requirements ensure consistency against planning targets.

Address potential issues adjusting capacity and/or interacting directly with the affected plant.

• Overall Transparency

The community of workers within the plant gains overall process transparency with splits by sector, plant, family/process, and supplier for any given part. 

In the event of potential supply issues, the capacity is reviewed, optimized and re-distributed to different suppliers.



• Maximize Production Continuity

Identify capacity issues in advance,  giving planners an opportunity to resolve the issue

• Communication & Collaboration

Achieve transparency within the plant and with the entire network of suppliers

• Maximize Margin, Reduce Maintenance cost

Address capacity issues early to keep operations running strong



Implementation takes six months to a year depending on the complexity of the environment and the availability of data sources. initially implemented for Fiat Group, the collaborative solution integrated 15 of the plant's legacy systems with 60 user interfaces to gather the necessary data to support a network of 400 internal users and about 5000 external supplier-users across 12 countries.

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