With Neptune Software, it has Never been so Simple!
Agility as a Competitive Advantage

Immediate, reliable access to SAP Enterprise information from anywhere is a must for every organization.

To help companies become more agile in the digital environment, we've partnered with Neptune Software a framework that integrates modern technology with SAP’s own programming language to provide intuitive user interfaces with the highest level of security. The solution leverages existing ABAP skills to decrease the total cost and time of delivery as well as the TCO. 

Neptune's capabilities allow accelerated design and deployment of state of the art Mobile Applications.

Accelerated Design Capabilities:

  • Drag and drop development with quick and easy connection to back-end data

  • Out-of-the-box templates for accelerated development of highly personalized projects

  • Total application management throughout the whole lifecycle with usage and performance monitoring (and remote debug)

  • Easy access to Google Play, Windows Marketplace, and the Apple Store

  • Simple development of offline capability thanks to Caching Mechanism

  • Access to device specific features (Camera, GPS, NFC, etc.)

Uncompromised Security:

  • PIN Code Log-on with Two Factor Authentication

  • Data encryption for secure multi-user capability

  • Easy and auditable Mobile App update via ABAP Change Request

Consumer Grade Front-end Features:

  • Role-based set-up to boost productivity and ease-of-use

  • A modern, web-enabled desktop user interface experience with complete mobile compatibility 

  • SAP Fiori® visual design and user interaction concepts

  • Push Notifications

  • Offline Support

  • Device Sensors Integration

How Does Neptune Software Maximize your Existing Set-up?

Neptune Software installs as an add-on and is deployable on NetWeaver 6.40 or greater. It meets the highest company security authentication requirements and can be coupled with the power of SAP Mobile/HANA Cloud Platform for best-in-class responsiveness. By using already existing data access modules and integrating with NetWeaver maintenance tasks and administration, Neptune offers a low-maintenance solution that protects your previous technology investments, while improving ease-of-use.

How can we Help?

Techedge is a Neptune Gold Partner, a status that we have achieved thanks to the number of successful projects (deployed to more than 100K end users). We've led end-to-end projects in multiple industries across multiple lines of business, accelerating application deployment and providing value and agility to the business community.

Our Agile based UX Design methodology coupled with a deep understanding of Business Processes and SAP Enterprise Application Design allows us to work together with our clients to achieve seamless enterprise mobility.

A Strategic Business Vision and an unprecedented Ability to Execute, are the key elements that allow us to work together to transform the way your organization interacts with Enterprise Information, allowing you to capture more value, faster.

Contact us and learn how we can help your organization go mobile!