Domenico Restuccia Founder, CEO

Domenico is the CEO of Techedge.

He is one of the very first pioneers of SAP in Europe, and a passionate history scholar.

He founded Techedge in 2004 with the vision of creating the first "global boutique" in the consulting industry and the belief that by focusing on developing the best people instead of the best procedures, Techedge would be able to help companies approach their future challenges with more agility.

Prior to starting Techedge, he was General Manager of the Italian branch of an international consulting company and a Member of the Board. During his tenure, the branch more than doubled in size, was ranked amongst the top Italian IT services companies and the company became a publicly traded company on the Frankfurt stock exchange.

Domenico belongs to the so called Erasmus generation and he earned a master's degree in electronic engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy and the University of Leeds, UK.


Edoardo Narduzzi Co-founder, President

Edoardo is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in establishing innovative companies for several years; he has been with Techedge since its founding.

Previously, Edoardo was Director of web professional services at Telecom Italia and chief of staff at the Ministry of Finance and Trade.

He started his professional career as a financial journalist and has published several books. He writes weekly Aleph's columns on Circuits. 

Edoardo earned an MBA from Warwick University, an MSc in Finance from London Business School, and has studied Industrial Organization and Economics at Harvard's KSG.


José Pablo de Pedro Co-founder, Managing Partner Iberia & LATAM

José Pablo is the Managing Partner of Techedge Iberia & LATAM.

He co-founded the Company and drove its expansion in Spain, Portugal, México, Colombia, Perú and Chile. In 2014 Techedge Iberia & LATAM became part of the Techedge Group after a merger agreement.

José is very well known in the SAP world, he started his career at SAP in 1990 as part of the team that was helping early adopters implement SAP; in less than 10 years he took part to more than 300 implementations across Europe.

José Pablo earned a Master's Degree in Mathematics from the University of Salamanca, Spain and started a Phd in Informatics from the University of Madrid.

His research focused on Artificial mind and the development of software models with human brain like cognitive abilities; to date this remains a passion of José Pablo.


Pietro Migliavacca Co-founder, Operations

Pietro has been with Techedge since the initial founding of the company.

An avid reader, he has a passion for leveraging simplification as a way to maximize performance: from managing operations in a lean way, focusing on objectives rather than processes, to using effective communication as an instrument for constant organizational alignment. His unique ability has been instrumental to support Techedge's fast growth from a startup to a multinational organization.

Pietro's background and experience include an intimate knowledge of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry, gained while working as IT manager of a multinational chemical-pharmaceutical company.

Prior to the startup of Techedge, Pietro held leadership positions in the industry with the constant focus of helping organizations scale up. Some of his previous responsibilities include Chief Operating Officer for the Italian Business Unit of an international firm as well as COO of an SAP Partner company.


Antonio Di Perna Co-founder, Services Industry

Antonio is one of the co-founders of Techedge and is responsible for the development of the Services Industry.

Prior to Techedge, Antonio worked in the consulting industry focusing on large scale SAP implementations for customers in Telecommunications, Utilities and Public sectors.

Antonio started his career at BULL designing parallel processing systems and developing real-time systems for quality control applications through visual inspection.

Antonio has specialized in parallel processing and real-time systems development at the Italian National Research Council and has published various articles in specialized magazines.

Antonio earned a master's degree in computer science from Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II.


Florideo Fabrizio Co-founder, Research & Development

One of the co-founders of Techedge, Florideo is responsible for Research & Development, a subject in which he offers more than 25 years of experience.

Florideo oversees Techedge's overall R&D operations across all Industries and Lines of Business and drives the alignment between Techedge's global strategy and Research and Development operations.

Florideo's current work includes Cybersecurity, Enterprise IoT application as well as the use of Open Source high performance frameworks for large scale platforms.  

Prior to Techedge Florideo was responsible for the Integration Services Business Unit of Realtech and he oversaw several large scale implementations of real-time B2B integration.

Florideo earned a master’s degree in information engineering from the University of Pisa, Italy.


Massimo Compagnoni Partner, People

Massimo is a Partner and is responsible for Human Capital at Techedge.

Massimo's second passion in life is People and he has a natural talent for attracting the best talents on the market. The first, of course, is basketball.

He joined Techedge in 2005 with the acquisition of e-City, a company he founded a few years earlier that quickly became leader for Supplier Collaboration software solutions.

Prior to that, Massimo worked at SAP where he progressed through several leadership positions including Consulting and Education Manager, as well as Manager of Human Resources.

Massimo started his journey as a Production Systems consultant in global IT companies such as Sperry, Univac, and HP after earning a master's degree in electronic engineering at the University of Pavia.


Erika Giannetti Partner, Finance

Erika is a Partner and the CFO of Techedge. 

She oversees Techedge's Finance Operations worldwide, from treasury and corporate controlling to financial reporting and strategic planning. 

Erika has been with the Techedge since its startup in 2004 and has helped the company develop a global control organization and model to allow all countries to operate in alignment.

Prior to joining Techedge, she was Business Unit Manager of Education Knowledge Management Services of an international IT company; during that period she has helped the company establish a world class Finance operating organization.

Erika is a professional equestrian for more than 15 years and she has won several competitions at a National level.

She earned a master's degree in economics with specialization in finance from Bocconi University in Milan.


Giorgio Racca Partner, Business Development

Giorgio is responsible for Techedge's strategic business development.

Prior to joining the company in 2007, he held different global leadership positions in the consulting industry, focusing on the implementation of Enterprise Performance Management Solutions (Hyperion, OutlookSoft and Tagetik). 

Giorgio spent nearly 10 years working at Hyperion, progressively building a career within the group, from Product Manager to Business Development Manager, up to Managing Director of the Hong Kong-based Far East HQ. 

Giorgio currently serves as Chairman of the Italian Oracle Partner Advisory Board.

A graduate in Economics and Social studies at Bocconi University in Milan, he also worked as a university professor and was a member of the technical scientific committee for a master course in business analysis at the University of Padua.


Sergio Cipolla Partner, Marketing & Communications

Sergio is a Partner and the Director of Marketing and Communications at Techedge.

He began his career with Techedge in 2004 as a consultant and spent several years working with clients in different industries across Europe. During that period he also worked as product manager, pioneering technology solutions in the areas of operational excellence, helping clients simplify and reduce the complexity of their operations. 

He subsequently held various positions of increasing responsibility in Italy and moved to the United States in 2010, participating in the start-up of the US branch.

Sergio is passionate about the applications of technology to simplify complex problems in large scale environments.  

His background includes Harvard Business School Executive Education and a master's degree in electronic engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy.