Bringing tomorrow's digital Solutions to life

At Techedge, our mission is to help companies exploit the value of IT at every phase of their business transformation. One of the ways in which we aim to achieve that is by investing in tomorrow’s leading technologies, today. By connecting disruptive ideas and technologies to the corporate world, we are helping shape the way we will do business tomorrow -  right now. Our incubator program supports startups at 360 degrees; Learn more about our ventures below and contact us if you are interested in becoming a part of our incubator program.


RISKTURN is a financial business software created by experienced specialists with the ambition to provide an innovative solution for risk-based business planning. RISKTURN is the first software dedicated to the probabilistic forecast of future cash flows that does not require quantitative skills.


LOOKCAST is an innovative startup– founded on a passion for visual storytelling– that delivers next-generation customer engagement and eCommerce to the retail industry, with their powerful StorieCommerce content marketing platform and a host of value-added StoryTech application modules.


PREDIT is the only SAP product development solution for the fashion and retail industry natively designed for fast fashion. It integrates all processes required for the development of new products along the entire value chain and provides actionable business insights by leveraging predictive analytics.


EDERA is the new generation of Financial Controlling Solutions for the Banking industry that allows companies to effectively evaluate the efficiency of the organizational structure, which is increasingly stressed by the obligations imposed by regulatory authorities and by a larger and more complex products portfolio managed through modern and dynamic channels.