Case Study

End-to-End Change Management with SAP Solution Manager's Service Desk & ChaRM

To support its growing business and larger workforce, our client needed a more robust ERP solution. The company therefore started enhancing the existing components of its SAP® ERP platform and implementing new SAP modules, such as SAP® Finance.

For our client, who uses a dual landscape scenario for the purpose of carrying on maintenance operations and new developments in parallel, the broadened IT landscape introduced new software issues.

They would need a solution to allow the management of new and incremental changes, without overlapping and impacting live business operations. Our client decided to implement SAP Solution Manager Service Desk and Change Request Management (ChaRM), taking advantage of the integration capabilities with their SAP® ERP and Reporting Systems.

The company is now able to manage and resolve their software related issues, while seamlessly moving their enhancements through their landscapes into go-live - all while being fully compliant to ITIL standards thanks to regulatory control and consistency checks.

By leveraging ChaRM’s tool Retrofit, they are also allowed to properly transition Production Changes from their Maintenance Landscape into their Development System in the Project Landscape, automating manual steps and streamlining the merging of the changes.

 SAP Solution Manager



  • SAP SOLUTION MANAGER SERVICE DESK and ChaRM now services nearly 15,000 users on 10 SAP landscapes
  • CENTRALIZED END TO END TRACKING & MONITORING of enhancements, issues and requests
  • SPEED of the issue escalation and its resolution
  • HIGH QUALITY and COMPLIANCE while minimizing the risks related to the change management


Our client is a family-owned franchise of truck stop and convenience stores located throughout the United States. According to Forbes, they rank in the top 25 largest privately held companies in the world, with over $14 Billion in revenues and 15,000 employees.


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