Semantic HardCode Inspector & Reporting Dashboard 

Strings of tailored ABAP code are used to customize the implementation of processes; if this in turn provides a competitive advantage, so does your code itself. Code strings are developed once with a certain quality and then rolled out, patched, and tested as needed. Improving quality during the initial development phase reduces the effort needed for future adjustment and maintenance.

Malpractices like business HardCoding become extremely difficult to maintain during rollout, in turn increasing the cost of the project, business, and maintenance cost.

In order to address this challenge, SAP has unleashed the power of the free-of-charge ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) with its latest releases. In addition to already available tools such as Code Inspector, it provides an excellent static program analysis of Custom ABAP Code.

The framework offers a set of standard validations, as well as the ability to create custom validation rules and engines; it also provides detailed technical reports that can be analyzed by developers.

At Techedge, we have performed hundreds of custom code optimization projects, rollouts and upgrades worldwide. This gave us the unique opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the most common software quality issues, their impacts and the possible mitigations.

Since we believe in maximizing the usage of SAP standards, we have immediately adopted ATC in all our projects, gaining extensive knowledge of the solution, but at the same time identifying opportunities to use it more and in better ways!

Based on these experiences, we have developed Doctor ZedGe, a suite of solutions that fully exploits the potential of ATC.

The suite includes:

  • Hard!Code: an add-on to the ATC engine that performs semantic hardcode detection, which is one of the most complex quality issues to detect and is the one that causes the most problems during rollouts.

  • DashBoard: a plugin that elaborates all data crunched by the ATC engine to compute quality KPIs that are reported in a comprehensive and easy to read excel dashboard.


Equipped with a semantic HardCode Inspector and user friendly Dashboard, Doctor Zedge computes and reports code quality, monitoring quality validation and progress measurement to anticipate possible issues.

[fa icon="check-square-o"]   Quality Validation
Ensure compliance with SAP best practices and company guidelines throughout the entire implementation process.

[fa icon="search"]   ABAP Code Evaluation & Quality Index 

Gain the ability to monitor the whole system or specific requests, even within Change Requests. Verify quality and launch initiatives to address exceptions.

[fa icon="bar-chart-o"]    Metrics & KPIs
Achieve a clear picture of incoming software metrics and violation figures for project analysis during Hand-Over and Knowledge Transfer phases.

[fa icon="file-excel-o"]    Dashboard 
The plug-in elaborates data from the ATC engine to compute and report KPIs in a comprehensive Excel dashboard.


Identifying all incidents of business related harcode as well as any coded sections requiring intervention, Doctor ZedGe anticipates flaws to ensure the highest quality. Validations and KPIs are presented in a user-friendly excel spreadsheet driving immediate remediation actions for simple maintenance.

  • Reduce production incidents & Minimize Rework

  • Reduce incident Remediation, Testing, & Patching Costs

  • Reduce Roll Out Risk & Cost

  • More Accurate Cost Estimation

  • Reduce Overall TCO 



Self-deploy, configure, and run Doctor ZedGe within hours to reap the rewards of the highest quality custom ABAP code. Connect with us to request your version of Doctor ZedGe today!

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