Engaged by Design: a podcast for digital marketers

We are hooked on digital - and we can't get enough. And since our customers are also hooked on digital, we decided to develop a podcast series on customer engagement, describing how to leverage technology for a seamless end-to-end, fully digitized Customer Engagement Strategy.

Engaged by Design: A podcast for digital marketing professionals

What does digital customer engagement strategy mean?

Well, let's be clear. The world is changing, and so is the way that customers (and future customers) are interacting with your brand. Your customers (a majority of them, anyhow) search for something they need via the internet and if you offer that product or service, you want to be found. Don't you? But what happens next, after you've been found? What happens when, in a B2C scenario, your prospect adds an item to their cart, and then leaves your website. Are you going to let them walk away that easy? With a digital Customer Engagement Strategy, surely - you are not.

This isn't just about tracking customers, it's about earning customer loyalty.

And we don't mean the credit card based kind of loyalty, unless that is part of your strategy, of course. We mean loyalty based on the uniquely tailored brand experience you provide your customers and potential customers. The kind of personalized experience that can only be delivered by... you guessed it: digital.

How are we making Digital Customer Engagement a reality?

It's simple, really! In our podcast, we focus on the technologies that seamlessly integrate with our chosen Corporate Marketing Platform, SAP Hybris Marketing, to cover the end-to-end design for a completely Digital Customer Engagement strategy - from end to end. That means, you'll understand how to pick and choose the right solutions for digital marketing, sales and customer service projects in order to give your customers' the best possible results.

We will also cover topics like customer identity management (with software like Gigyaand managing effective e-mail campaigns and the management of your Customer Database

Watch our podcast, Design for Customer Engagement, and start making your customers (and your boss) your very best friends.

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Alessandro Lavazzi

Alessandro Lavazzi

Alessandro has more than 10 years of experience in the domain of IT Solutions for Customer Engagement.

He is currently helping companies implement a new generation of Composite Enterprise Solutions designed to create multi-channel, ultra-tailored customer experiences by taking advantage of big data, social interaction and micro-services.

His area of interest is the design and deployment of Customer Engagement Solutions in the context of Digital Transformation. In particular, he focuses on the (r)evolution of the Sales, Marketing and Services processes leveraging state of the art cloud, IoT, social and big data solutions.

Alessandro joined Techedge in 2005 after earning a Master's Degree in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico di Torino, Italy and started his career as an SAP consultant focusing on ERP and CRM products and was one of the pioneers of Hybris Cloud for Customer, Hybris Marketing and the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.