From business and technology consulting, to complex system integrations and support services, we combine comprehensive global competence with a flexible, accessible and responsive approach.
We provide solutions to the Finance Area to help CFOs streamline financial processes and realize the value of advanced financial management solutions for the Enterprise.
We provide business and technology solutions to help CMOs and Sales Executives navigate the increasing complexity and strategic demands of their areas.
We leverage the best people, ideas and technology to help procurement professionals manage the complex system of supplier relationships effectively and efficiently.
We provide innovative solutions enabled by best-in-class technology to help HR professionals with the tools to recruit, inspire and develop talent.
Our consultants have the experience, ingenuity and vision to help business leaders meet their challenges and the changes revolutionizing the Production Area.
From strategy to delivery, we have the comprehensive experience to help CIOs manage the increasingly complex ecosystem of technology supporting every core business area.


The Techedge Group represents a truly rare blend of a global solution provider with comprehensive capabilities, business expertise and full-stack technology experience, together with the collaborative, high-touch, responsive approach of a local partner.

Leveraging products from our state-of-the-art technology partners, Techedge is able to provide solutions that touch each area of the business enterprise, and many of the global economy’s most important industries. Most of our clients will say that they chose Techedge because of our expertise and accessible partner-like approach, but that they remain Techedge clients because we always deliver results –results and benefits that often exceed the project’s original scope.  Learn more...

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