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General information about cookies

Abstract: what are cookies and what are they used for

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) from that server to a web site to which the user logs on and that can be read or retrieved from the server that installed it in during subsequent visits to the website. The cookie contains some information (e.g. the server from which it comes, a numeric identifier, the cookie expiration etc.) and allows the website that installed it to recall, for example, the preferences expressed by the user during navigation or making a purchase, perform authentication for access to restricted areas or for monitoring sessions. For these cookies known as technical, the prior consent of the user is not required, but it is required that the owner of the site provides appropriate information. Other cookies may, however, be used to track users as they navigate through the site including for the purpose of sending advertising and / or offering services in line with the preferences expressed by the user while surfing the net. These cookies, known as profile, require the prior consent of the user and suitable information given on the use of such cookies.

The site techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru, which Techedge SPA owns, uses both technical cookie as well as cookie profiling. Cookies can be installed directly from Techedge SPA, (so-called first-party cookies), or from other sites, through sites techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru (so-called third-party cookies). While over the first-party cookies Techedge SPA assumes all obligations of disclosure and, if applicable, acquisition and management of the user's consent, with regard to third-party cookies, Techedge SPA must identify the third party through the Site techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru may install cookies, describe the purpose of each cookie and provide the link to the privacy policies of third parties and the consent form prepared by those parties on which falls the burden of managing user preferences in relation to each cookie installed via sites techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru.

Ways to give consent to cookies profiling

  1. On the first visit to the site techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru, you can accept all cookies through the fulfillment of one of the following actions:
    • closing the banner by clicking on the X in this same banner;
    • closing the banner by clicking on "OK";
    • closing the banner by clicking on "continue browsing."
  2. On the first visit to the site techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru, if none of the actions described in the banner are fulfilled but, from the banner, the user accesses the extended information, the user can interact with individual consent forms in the detailed information where he/she can refuse to give consent to the use of cookies by clicking on the link shown in the "privacy policy and consent form" of the table below. Warning: if the user does not interact with the consent forms and extended information and comes out, by closing the window in which the information is present or continuing browsing the site, he/she gives his/her consent for all cookies, as shown in the sentence at the bottom of the same window.
  3. In any case, through your browser settings. The procedure to be followed to configure these settings is as follows:
    Internet Explorer
    1. Click on Tools (ALT + X)
    2. Click on Internet Options
    3. Select the Privacy tab and or adjust the policy for accepting cookies bringing up or down on the slider or click on the website and in the window that appears to allow or block the acceptance of cookies on a site by site
    4. Click OK to apply the changes
    1. Type chrome: // settings / in the address bar
    2. Click Show advanced settings ...
    3. Click Content settings ...
    4. Choose the policy of managing cookies by choosing an option from those proposed by the program and possibly define exceptions acceptance or block directed, via the button Manage exceptions ...
    5. Click Finish to apply the changes
    1. Access options via the menu icon
    3. Select the Privacy section
    4. Choose the item history: Use custom settings
    5. Adjust cookie management through the options provided by the program
    6. Click OK to apply the changes
    1. Click on the Preferences item from the Tools menu (Ctrl +,)
    2. Select the Privacy section
    3. Choose the policy management of cookies by choosing an option from those proposed by the program
    4. Close the Options icon in the upper right corner of closure

Cookies (or other markers) used by the site techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru

First-party cookies that do not require the user's prior consent
Name of cookie Supplier Purpose of cookie Expires
has_js techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru Identifies potential technical user's browser. At the end of the session
cookie_acceptance techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru Check if the user has accepted the use of cookies. A year
Third-party cookies that do not require the user's prior consent
Supplier Purpose of the cookie Disclosure policy Expires
Google Analytics (Google Inc.) They allow you to collect information, in aggregate and anonymous ways, as they are used on sites and allows us to improve the functioning of the sites themselves. Google Policy Privacy
Page deactivation of Google Analytics
10 min / 2 years
Cookies that require the user's prior consent
1) First Party Cookie used directly from techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru

Techedge SPA, does not directly use profile cookies through the sites techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru requiring prior consent.

2) Third Party Profile Cookies

Techedge SPA, does not use profile cookies by third-party sites techedgegroup.com, techedgegroup.com.br, techedgegroup.de, techedgegroup.ru requiring prior consent.Cookie che richiedono il consenso preventivo dell’utente

Information provided by Techedge SPA pursuant to art. 13 of the Privacy Law

With respect to information collected by cookies / markers used directly by the operator of the sites, Techedge SPA, in role of data controller, states:

  • Data is collected only for the purposes and for the duration indicated in the above tables with information systems;
  • With regards to "technical" cookies, as indicated above, it is confirmed that there is no consent to the use of the same as the removal of these cookies is required to allow navigation within the sites or in any case necessary for the functioning of the site or to save any preferences set by the user. If you remove cookies through the browser settings, the navigation within the site may be difficult or even impossible.
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